missxmurderess (missxmurderess) wrote,

eh...... new life

eh. so new life.
skyler almost 2.
me and kyle are broken up. he has a new gf.. i hate her... have. its not just cuz it is kyles gf... i hated her way before that.
im still in love with kyle but im not bothering anymore. if he doesnt want me, then fine.

aaron is the best!
i have only known him a few weeks but he is great. super sweet, knows all the right things to say, and cute! lol.
we arent officially going out but we arent doing anything with anyone else.
we like each other. and hopefully we will be official soon.

so right now im bored.

i graduated from MHS in 2009.
went to NCC for one semester.
was an ECE major.
going to Art Intstitute of Pittsburgh-Online.
i am a photography major.

i cant wait til my birthday.
im gonna be 21 bitches!
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