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Midnight Madness.

Eh. I cant sleep.
Its midnight on this Thursday morning. (Wednesday into Thursday)
I am getting over bronchitis so it kind of sucks. I cant take my antibiotic cuz it was making me have a hard time breathing. I was getting sharp, annoying pains in my upper back (right around my chest area but in the back). I went to the Medical Center's ER (in Milford.... which sucks), and the doctor said that I shouldnt be on an antibiotic for bronchitis. They aren't needed and it can only make me worse. So no more antibiotic. I am on an inhaler for the bronchitis for now. I am on one of those cool Advair inhalers. The round, purple ones. They are so cool. No shaking or anything. Just slide it open, put your lips on the mouth piece, pull the lever and inhale. So awesome. If my mild asthma (what I think is mild asthma), gets worse and I have to have an inhaler, I want another one of those. Oh well... Kyle has it too. But he is on a good antibiotic (although he doesnt need one), so he is getting better. He should be getting worse soon cuz that is what happened with me and Pat. We got better and then worse again. And then obviously better. I think I am almost all better though.
On last Tuesday (not the one that just happened but the one before that), Skyler came home from the hospital. He went in the Saturday before that with a mild case of pneumonia. He is perfect now. He is happy and off his antibiotic. It's like he never had the pneumonia at all, well except for the mild cough he got over like a couple days ago.

I have about 4-5 days left until I have to start school. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I dont know what to do. I know people are gonna talk. And I am not so sure I can handle that yet. I dont know. I havent thought it out very much yet.
My Schedule looks a little like this:
A block- American Studies 2B w/ Mr Clark
B block- Musical Theater w/ Mrs Erdody
C block- English 12A w/ Mrs Fish
D block- free.

I am so excited for musical theater. Two of many favorite things in one class. How awesome is that? Superly awesome that's how awesome it is. haha.
Not so sure about AS2. Third year of it (well 2 1/2 years really). I took it once in 11th grade, took it again last year but dropped out. And now again. I am gonna get so bored in that class so quickly. I have heard Mr Clark is a good teacher though. English is going to be interesting. Maybe I will actually do good this time. I am going to force myself to do good so. And musical theater? I have that in the bag. There is almost no way I can fail that class. I love to sing and I love to act (sort of). I at least love the theater. I hope we go a school trip to Boston or New York to go see a Broadway show. I have seen Spamolot twice. Once in Boston and once on Broadway. Both awesome times.

This summer, I am going to be an assistant coach for one of the Amherst Patriots teams. Well it isn't for sure yet, but she said that it was pretty much going to happen. I wish i could be a head coach but you have to be at least 21. But oh well. It just means I can have a few years of coaching experience before I have my own team. Which is good so then I dont fall flat on my face. I already have so many ideas. I cant wait til we start having practices. Which wont be until August but oh well.

Skyler has 2 teeth now. He is so cute. He has his first dentist appointment on nest Thursday. I know it is kind of early, but he has to go at least once before his first birthday. Why not now when he cant fight me as much later on?

I am attempting to write a short novel. I dont have any moral of the story yet, but I have only just started. It probably wont be any good, and I will probably get a couple chapters in and realize that it sucks and erase it. That's all my stories end up. I dont know. It is just something to keep my busy. Once school starts I will probably be too overwhelmed and not write at all. Then I will give up on the story and probably erase it. haha.

Well I should go and try to sleep. I dont know how well that will work.
TTFN! Goodbyes, and goodnight.
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