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4-2-0 yeah our clocks are always on

so everything seems to be falling into place.
i am slowly getting my friendship with miranda back.
we are talking to each other now. it just feels right.
i like it.

me and kyle are great.
no fights lately. none major anyway.

skyler is doing good.
he is just so cute.
he is ate grandma's house right now though.

i cant wait til nov 21.
twilight comes out in theaters.
i am so excited.
i want to take shawna to the movies to see it for her birthday.
i hope my mom will give her money for it, and then hopefully i will have a job by then.
i have been applying online to some places.

i hope i get a phone call tomorrow for one of them.
i need a job badly.

well i am gonna go.
maybe read the rest of twilight.
or maybe write more of my book.
oh ya i am writing a little book of my own. eh its not that great. but it keeps me busy.


kayla ♥
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