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eh bored.

eh bored.
Baby is doing good. He is getting so big. He is about 12-13lbs now. He has to go back to the doctors on Dec 2. He is so cute! He is laughing (like crazy), cooing, trying to sit (not all on his own), and standing (with help). He takes steps occasionally but not on his own. He doesnt like to crawl. You put him on his tummy and he gets pissed. lol.
He eats like crazy now.

So I am getting sick of all the political calls, and all the commercials. It annoying. I cant wait til it's over. I dont know if I am going to vote or not. I know, I know I should but eh.

So I cant wait til Twilight comes out. I am going to make Kyle go see it with. I have to finish the book first. I am getting there. I am on page 220 or something like that.

I have started watching True Blood (on HBO). It is a good show. They like to have sex alot though. Maybe that is why it is on HBO. lol Oh well... me and Kyle watched it for like hours the other day. We missed the one on last night, so now we have to wait til it comes on On Demand.

Well I got to go. I have to go say goodnight to my baby boy.
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