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Totally bored. I am in American Studies (2). We are working on our projects. My groups project is on woman's rights. I have done alot of work already so it's ok.
So about other life.... Kyle and I are ok. We have had some fights, but we worked through them. It's so nice outside. It was like 60 degrees outside yesterday. It was nice out this morning. So I think it is going to be nice out today. I hope. Maybe I will sit outside and work on my hw or something while Kyle works on his truck. He might have to help Brian with his speakers again. Oh well. I told myself I wont get mad about anything anymore.
So.. besides for Pat, I have lost all my best friends. I no longer have any of the friends that truely matter to me. But I guess it's my fault. Idk how losing Ari is my fault. But oh well. If she wants to be friends with Miranda I dont care, but it would be nice to at least get a smile when she walks down the hall or something.
Pat, Kyle, Matt, Erma, and Brian are the only best friends I really need.
I just don't know what to do with myself anymore.
I have an English Essay/Speech thing to write. Which is going to suck. I hate talking infront of people for a long period of time. But I mean I am getting better at it. All the 'open mics' in Theatre really help. I can't wait for next year. I have so many classes I am going to love.
I need a job... bad! lol. I need to buy a camera for photography next year.

Ok.... so classes I signed up for next year are:
-English 12A
-Color Guard
-Child Development
-French 2
-French 3
-Topics in History 1
-Intro to Social Science
-Theatre 2

I just can't wait because I have so many fun classes that I can't wait to take. It sucks cuz I will probably be in classes with people that I may not want to be with.

Okay.... so Aimee is 'supposedly' moving! I can't wait. I hate her. She is so annoying. I saw her today and she was talking to Felicia. And she was like "Omg. Felicia, I hate you so much, sooo much." But she said it jokingly. And her voice was so annoying, I wanted to shot myself before I heard her voice again.

Ummmm.... so what else to write. dodododo.... Idk. I need a job... bad! I need money to buy a camera. I need money for gas instead of having my mom pay for it. I want a new car.... well not 'new new' but a different. I have had my eyes on this Tiburon that's $4995 (or something like that). And there is this Mustang that is $2300, but I bet I can get the guy to go down on it because it has been sitting for almost 2 years and it needs work.

Ok... so I was the only one working in my group yesterday and now today people are working which is good. But some people are like 'Oh I found this and this' and it's stuff I found yesterday. Oh well I don't care. I give up on trying to actually work in the group. This is why I work better when I work alone. I think I might go and work now. Maybe.

Kayla ♥
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