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so i finally had the baby.... almost 3 months ago.
his name is skyler james cameron fenton.
he is soooo cute. i love him to death.
he isnt sleeping through the night yet. i cant wait til he does.
i am always so tired during the day.

so i have been thinking lately.
i fucked up my life.
i should have just stayed in school and finished. i just didnt want to be in high school and be pregnant.
i mean i could go back and finish but i would have no one to watch the baby. kyle works. and we cant afford to send him to day care. i wish we could so then i could go back.
sure i would probably only go for half a year but i would only have to get 3 credits to finish. it wouldnt be that hard to finish. i need american studies 2, english 12, and some other elective. so i could take photo or french 2 or something like that.

oh well.

i am bored. i have nothing to do.
the baby is sleeping.

oh well..

kayla ♥
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