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Why am I excited?
I just found out that the all star team I was cheering with, earlier in this season, is adding an open team next year. An open team is for anyone 18 or older. Because the age cut off for senior all star teams is 18.
I am so excited cuz I cant cheer next year and I really wanted to. But now I can take next year off and work on things like I had planned on doing, but instead of going with a different team the year after I can go with SCS. I am sooooo excited!
It is going to be sick nasty if they actually keep that idea. Hopefully enough people will join next year to keep the idea alive.
Sure if I did go with East Elite like I planned, it would be less of a drive but SCS is like family. We got along so well, and I miss them.
And they know my strengths and weaknesses, so they already know where I stand in my cheerleading career.

But anyway....
I am at home. Shawna is gonna be out of school soon, and Mommy should be out of work now and on her way to the school or home.
I am just hanging out until Kyle gets out of work. He may have to work late tonight so I may be here for a while. Which is fine with me, but I hate spending time away from him. Oh well.
I am listening to music and watching the Red Sox game. They are playing the Texas Rangers. So far they are in the middle of the 7th and the Red Sox are winning 2-8. And the Red Sox are going up to bat next too. So the score may change soon.

I dont remember what I wrote in my last entry. Let me read it real quick.....

OK! I didnt mention I am pregnant (not like everyone knows anyway).
I am excited, and kind of nervous all at the same time.
I dont feel pregnant, I just feel sick and fat. It really hasnt hit me hard that I am going to have a baby to take care of in less than 3 months. I dont think it is going to really hit until I am in labor.
I just want it to pop oit now. I keep watching Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby on TLC, and I see them with the babies and I just want mine. lol They are so cute, I want my cute baby!
Everyone is pregnant now. Katrina, Anne, my dad's cousin, and me. And probably others but I cant think of any that I know of right now. It's crazy.

Oh well.... so anything new?
Me and Kyle are in GED classes. I could be done by now, but if I finish classes and Kyle doesnt he wont go anymore. So I am trying to keep him on track and make him go. Hopefully we should be done by the end of next month or this month.

Well I am gonna go.

Kayla ♥
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