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Im at home. I sitting here just watching tv. I am watching CSI: Miami marathon. I cant get enough of this show. It is amazing.

Last night I watched the Knight Rider movie. It was pretty good. It is a spin-off of the old tv series. The new knight rider is Mike Tracer who is the son of Michael Knight, the old knight rider. Mike Knight was played by David Hasellhoff. It was pretty obvious at the end of the movie they were going to be made into a series. And I cant wait.

Things with Kyle and me are doing good. No big fights in a while. Just some small ones due to my uncontrollable hormones. Oh well.

I hate being sick. I think its a sinis infection, but it may all be due to stress and all the cigeratte smoke. Its not evne me that is doing the smoking. Oh well.

I am bored. Its a commercial and I cant find anything to do while I wait for the shoe to come back on.

I have GED registation tomorrow.

Well I am gonna go. The show is back on.

Kayla ♥
I love Kyle to death.
He is my everything.
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