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yay me!

I really like how I'm not having any friends this year.
Hmmm... why you ask?
Well I lost my best friend through stupidity and can never get that back... and thats my fault.
I lost my other really good friend to something stupid but got her back.
And now I have friends that hardly talk to me or dont talk to me at all anymore.
And honestly... I could careless.
All I need and have are Kyle, Matt, Pat, Brian, and Erma. I am slowing working my way back with Ari.
I just hate how I have been sitting a my lunch table since the 2nd half of freshman year. And now I just get pushed away and away from socialization with everyone. But like I said I could careless. Its rediculous and stupid.
I dont care if I have friends cuz the only one I need is Kyle.
But w/e. Its stupid and dumb.
If the people that say they are my friends really are they would care about me and treat me like their friend... but do they? No. Not how I see it anyway.
So I have decided to take a vow of silence tomorrow unless a teacher talks to me. But to everyone else... I am not talking [well for school only].

I hate life and I hate you.
Get used to it.

Kayla ♥
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