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new year.

So today is a new year.
Bored and I thought I would make the best of it.
So... yes I am going out with Kyle. Have been for almost a month. Things are going ok. A few fights but I know there are more to come. We love each other and if we are gonna get married.... we are gonna have to get used to it.
So for that past month I have been thinking. Although I have lost alot of my friends, Im glad I still have the ones that I have as of now. I just kind of miss some of the ones I lost. Sometimes I just wish I could go back. Sure maybe some things would be different, for the better and for the worst. I just wish I didnt lose my best friend. I miss sharing secrets and sharing everything. I mean I have friends I can do that with... but its not the same. She was like my sister to me. I know she doesnt care now, and I should have thought of this before I fucked everything up. But I really do miss her. I just wish in the future things would turn around, for the better... real soon.

I dont know what else to say I guess.
I guess I am off straightening my hair, waiting for Kyle to call, and then off to bed.

Kayla ♥
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